Master Unblocker – Bypass all network restrictions

Are you in office and looking to surf your favorite sites but network administrator has limited the access to web. You are not reachable to your favorite sites like Facebook,YouTube and News sties.

Its time to forget about network limitation you can access any website by installing a small software or using some proxies

Our Master Unblocker provide you facility to unblock all network restriction and surf you favorite sites.

Before going in detail let me explain how this can be achieved – There are two ways to open restricted sites at your Office.

  1. You can install any software that can hide your IP – Just make a search on Google “Hide My IP” . You will come to a huge list of tool that will solve your problem.
  2. If you don’t have permission to even installing a software or you are not technical to install the software – don’t worry we have a solution for you. The following are list of sites just open anyone in your browser and you will see a text box at home page, just enter your favorite site address and enjoy

Note: I would like to suggest one thing here if you are using any of above method use carefully or time to time change your list of proxies so that your network administrator cannot track anything. In other words stay two steps ahead from others.


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